About Me

carly_headshotI am a Senior Lecturer in Conservation Biology in the School of Biological Sciences¬†at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. My research relates to the integration of science in environmental management decisions. In particular I’m interested in the types of evidence decision-makers use to inform their decisions and why, the consequences of poor uptake of science on management decisions, and the design of decision support tools. I am interesting in a range of tools for knowledge exchange, including tools for evidence synthesis and that promote evidence-based decisions. I am a member of the Expert Assessment Group for the IUCN Green List of Protected Areas. I am also a founding member of the Centre for Evidence Informed Policy and Practice, which promotes the advancement of evidence-based decision making through research, methodological development, application and training.

Some of my key research interests centre on developing decision triggers as a tool for integrating monitoring data and management action, integrating evolutionary theory into conservation management and improving the effectiveness of protected areas and other forms of area-based conservation.

I collaborate widely with conservation management agencies and non-government organisations. My research program is highly interdisciplinary and I have a keen interesting in understanding what conservation can learn from other disciplines in order to become more effective.

I completed my PhD in Environmental Management at the University of Queensland in 2010. My research there was focused on developing and improving systems to evaluate the effectiveness of protected area management, working with conservation management agencies in Australia.

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